Our Evaluation pillar helps schools measure the impact their teaches and leaders are having on student learning and student well-being.

A full evaluation plan is co-constructed with each of our partner schools to measure changes in student learning, teacher growth, and leader development, providing information that can be used to iterate on school-wide professional learning and strategic plans and accelerate progress towards the desired outcomes.

Multiple streams of formative and summative assessment can be used to inform a holistic view of school-wide progress and the evaluation methods will include information sourced from a range of stakeholders (i.e., leaders, teachers, students, and parents).

Our evaluation methodologies can provide measures of change over time across several different elements across the school, including:

Student/learner progression in metrics of social-emotional learning and well-being
Student/learner perceptions around their ability to learn
Student/learner perceptions around their mastery of classroom competencies
School leader and teacher mindsets and levels of competency in relation to the High Impact Classroom Practices
School leader and teacher instructional practices and leadership
Student growth, progress, and achievement
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