High Impact Schools


High Impact Schools are schools where teachers and leaders partner together to understand, measure, and multiply the impact that they can have on student learning and student well-being.


    nspired Education partners with stakeholders at all levels of the education system to create future-forward, High Impact Schools, where:

    • Students are motivated to direct their own learning, collaborate with their peers, give and receive feedback, and self-evaluate.
    • Teachers use formative assessment, collective efficacy, evidence-based instruction, and personalized learning to exponentially accelerate learning forALL students.
    • Leaders evaluate the impact they are having on student learning and teacher growth to inform their spending and next steps.

    Four Pillars of
    School Change

    We work with our partners to create High Impact Schools by developing teacher and school leader expertise across four pillars: Assessment; High Impact Classroom Practices; Instructional Leadership; and Evaluation.

    Each of these pillars underpin our ongoing professional learning implementation model.


    The Assessment pillar is focused on ensuring that the school has enough data available to them to determine what the existing barriers are to student learning.

    These assessments:

    • Give students a platform to voice and prioritize their greatest learning needs.
    • Establish a baseline for school leader, teacher, and learner capabilities.
    • Inform the professional learning pathways each teacher will undertake to enhance their professional practice and accelerate student learning.

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    High Impact Classroom Practices

    The High Impact Classroom Practices pillar supports teachers at every career stage by providing actionable strategies on the best ways to adapt high-yield instructional practices and social-emotional learning practices for every student in every classroom based on individualized learning goals, student needs, teacher competencies and school contexts.

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    Instructional Leadership

    The Instructional Leadership pillar provides training for school leaders on the six driving forces of instructional leadership — implementation, focus on learning, student engagement, instructional strategies, efficacy, and evaluation of impact.

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    The Evaluation pillar helps schools measure the impact their teaches and leaders are having on student learning and student well-being.

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    Transformative Outcomes

    Through working with Inspired Education to transform your learning institutions into future-forward, High Impact Schools, you can expect to realize the following outcomes for your students, your teachers, your leaders, and your parents.

    High Impact Schools result in the development and empowerment of students that are able to direct and assess their own learning, leading to a demonstrated increase in student: cognition, retention, engagement, attendance, progress, and achievement.

    High Impact Schools invest in the development and growth of their teachers through a focus on data analysis, effective instructional practice, personal reflection, and communities of practice.  As a result of this investment, teachers at High Impact Schools are able to: form more authentic relationships and stronger credibility with their students, set consistently high expectations, design lessons and interventions based on feedback, and supercharge student outcomes.
    School Leaders
    School Leaders at High Impact Schools have an enhanced set of leadership beliefs and practices and a clear understanding of what works best to maximize student and teacher growth within their school. These leaders: support and facilitate the adult professional learning processes critical for the success of their school improvement initiatives; monitor instructional practice; provide effective feedback; and build collective efficacy amongst staff.
    High Impact Schools are schools where teachers and leaders work together to build and engage a team of parent stakeholders who serve as strong advocates of effective instructional practice in service of student achievement and social-emotional learning. High Impact Schools foster a strong sense of community and develop consistent communication practices that engage and excite parents around the importance of elevating student voice, supporting student-wellbeing, and providing a mechanism to personalize, monitor, and accelerate student learning.

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