Using Storytelling to Educate, Empower & Build Empathy Across Difference

Luis Versalles
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
10 Minute Read
March 4, 2019

It is more important than ever to confront individual bias and build empathy so all people can contribute and thrive, particularly in order to build inclusive workplaces.

First-person storytelling facilitates understanding and empathy more effectively than facts alone.

In this session, you will learn about the innovative storytelling work of Green Card Voices, a nonprofit that records and shares the stories of immigrants.

You will learn how effective storytelling educates and empowers both the teller and the audience, and will leave with resources and ideas to incorporate storytelling into your work.

The session will include presentation from the four panelists, and facilitated storytelling activity with the Story Stitch card game!

Learning Outcomes
  • Learn how to use storytelling as a powerful educational and empowerment tool.
  • Engage with fellow participants in deep empathy building through the Story Stitch card game.
  • Incorporate basic storytelling resources such as the card game, books, and exhibits, into the workplace in order to build bridges between different communities.

Luise Versalles, "Using Storytelling to Educate, Empower & Build Empathy Across Difference" , as originally published on YouTube , 03-04-2019,

Photo by Robyn Budlender on Unsplash

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