The Coaching Course - a Podcast Focusing on our Mastery Sessions

Peter Dewitt
10 Minute Read
May 19, 2022

In Peter DeWitt's, Ed.D. on-demand, asynchronous coaching course, participants have 13 months of access to downloadable webinars, how-to videos, narratives, curriculum, and sample forms they can use for walkthroughs and learning walks. Participants range from teachers on special assignment (TOSA), instructional coaches, building leaders and district leaders.

One of the additional resources is a Mastery Session that DeWitt does with all participants who are interested. These Mastery Sessions happen once every 3 weeks and cover a variety of topics. This is a recording of one of the May 18th, 2022 session, with an added narrative from DeWitt. This is not the complete recording of the Mastery Session. District names and names of participants have been edited out to maintain anonymity.

Peter DeWitt " The Coaching Course - A Podcast focuing on our Mastery Sessions", as originally published on YouTube and Thinkific, 05-19-2022,

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

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