The 6 Enabling Conditions of Collective Efficacy

Jenni Donohoo
Collective Efficacy
10 Minute Read
March 13, 2019

Author and expert Jenni Donohoo discusses the six enabling conditions of collective efficacy.

  • Facilitating Collaborative Inquiry: This seminar provides participants with strategies for supporting teams through the stages of collaborative inquiry, with a focus on identifying and addressing student needs.
  • Understanding Collective Teacher Efficacy: When teachers believe that, together, they are capable of developing students’ critical thinking skills, creativity, and mastery of complex content, it happens! Collective teacher efficacy (CTE) refers to a staff’s shared belief that through their collective action, they can positively influence student outcomes. This introductory session focuses on the effect size research, sources shaping collective efficacy beliefs, and the consequences of collective teacher efficacy.
  • Fostering Collective Teacher Efficacy: A key to turning around schools that struggle to support student learning lies in the ability of formal and informal leaders to cultivate collective efficacy. Exemplary leadership practices highlighted in the research and considered highly effective in relation to developing collective teacher efficacy will be explored throughout this 1-day session.
  • Facilitating Impactful Collaborative Inquiry: Collaborative inquiry provides a structure for professional learning in which teachers and administrators come together to inquire, seek and share learning, collect and reflect on evidence, and act on what they have learned. Participants will gain a better understanding of the stages of collaborative inquiry and how it can be used as a powerful design for professional learning and high-leverage strategy for school improvement.
  • Collaborative Inquiry – Digging Deeper: Moving beyond getting started, this session is designed to support facilitators of collaborative inquiry in digging deeper. Once immersed in the cycle of inquiry, intentional facilitation is required to avoid common obstacles and pitfalls. Participants will consider common challenges associated with leading professional learning embedded in daily practice and learn how to be responsive to the needs of collaborative inquiry teams.
  • Bringing Collaborative Inquiry to Scale: Reflecting on Lessons Learned: During this half-day session, participants will gain a better understanding of how to bring collaborative inquiry to scale in a school/district. Lessons learned from the field will be presented and analyzed so that school leaders can learn from other’s experiences.

Jenni  Donohoo ,"The 6 Enabling Conditions of Collective Efficacy" As  originally published on YouTube,03/13/2019 ,

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