[In]Distinct Chatter

Jennifer Abrams
Effective Teaching and Learning
10 Minute Read
August 30, 2021

The phrase "indistinct chatter" is something that we see on television or movie subtitles, indicating that there is a conversation that lacks articulation or clarity; we cannot distinguish what is being said. By bracketing the [in], this podcast promotes intentional articulation for educational leaders on topics ranging from reflection on leadership itself to organizational design and culture, and more.

As educators, we speak of the importance of being lifelong learners. The concept of already ‘being done’ with learning assumes that we are fully cooked and ‘complete’, yet the time of adulthood can be one of tremendous growth and development emotionally, psychologically and cognitively. Schools can and should be places where we learn, mature and develop as those who work and teach within them. We should always be on a learning edge in many aspects of our lives and to stretch and to engage with that edge should be a consistent practice – where we learn and unlearn.

Stretching at your edges requires work. This is what we mean by you finding your “learning edge”— working to see more, to hold more. It is acting out of your zone of proximal development—working on skills you are close to mastering (Vygotsky, 1978, p. 86).

Jennifer Abrams, "[In]Distinct Chatter", as originally published on Jennifer Abrams Developing Individuals Transforming Schools , 08-30-2021 , https://jenniferabrams.com/news/podcast-indistinct-chatter/

Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

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