Glenn Singleton & Scott Kleiner | 3% Conference Random Question

Glenn Singleton
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
10 Minute Read
December 15, 2017

Glenn Singleton, president and founder of Pacific Educational Group and Scott Kleiner, director of client confidentiality at Wieden+Kennedy discuss what actions around inclusion need to happen and how the responsibility of men matters.

“Inclusion is the idea of what's presented, what possibly is there for everyone, but belonging is actually what people feel and what they experience,” he says. “I can easily find out the health of an organization by talking to people and asking, ‘Do you feel like you belong here?’ And if that answer is not, ‘Yes,’ I can still talk to people in the agency or in the industry and ask, ‘Do you have a program of inclusion?,’ and they will say, ‘Yes.’ And so the yes for inclusion but the no for belonging, at the end of the day is not productive.”

On the responsibility that men have in taking on the issue, Singleton points out that the disparity is an issue created by men and that it needs to be improved by men. Scott Kleiner, director of client confidentiality at Wieden+Kennedy also believes that men, even when they are in their own cohort, should be calling each other out when one says or does something that is destructive.

“You can't just let it slide anymore,” he says. “There's just things that you have to call out and reel in.”

Asked whether or not there will come a day when the 3% Conference isn’t needed, Ashleigh Axios, design exponent at Automattic has hope and believes that it could evolve.

Glenn  Singleton,"Glenn Singleton & Scott Kleiner | 3% Conference Random  Question",as originally posted on  YouTube,12-15-2017,

Photo by Geron Dison on Unsplash

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