Ask Me Anything, featuring Peter DeWitt: Leading without Intervening

Peter Dewitt
Collective Efficacy
10 Minute Read
November 8, 2018

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Corwin author and consultant Peter DeWitt answers question one of four in Ask Me Anything.

The questions was: "I have a new teacher who is already having a positive impact on our campus and is appreciated and respected by many other teachers in the building. However, within his own team, he is feeling rejected. He is having to deal with teammates who make passive aggressive comments and tell him to stop doing things because it "Makes them look bad". He has asked that I do not have a meeting with them or call them out. How do I lead in this situation? I feel like I need to intervene, but I don't want to undermine his trust since he does not want me to do anything."

Peter  DeWitt ,"Ask Me Anything, featuring Peter DeWitt: Leading without  Intervening" As originally published on YouTube,11/08/2018  ,

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