Ainsley Rose - On leadership and influence in education

Ainsley Rose
10 Minute Read
September 5, 2021

Ainsley Rose is an experienced educator, author, speaker and consultant. Former Director of Education for the Western Quebec School Board.

He's an award-winning educator. Began as a high school teacher and progressed to be an Elementary and Secondary Principal, and Director of Education in Quebec, Canada. Now an author consultant, President of Thistle Educational Development Inc. Conference keynote presenter and professional development consultant with several organizations. Certified Visible Learning trainer and contributing author for several educational publications.

Ainsley Rose recently retired after thirty-five years in education.  As the former director of education and curriculum for the Western Quebec School Board in Gatineau, Quebec, Ainsley was responsible for initiating many systemic changes that continue to impact teaching and learning within the school board today.  With experience as an elementary and secondary classroom teacher and principal, as well as an instructor of graduate‑level courses for administrators and pre‑service teachers, Ainsley shares  perspectives that resonate with all educators.  Ainsley has received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Association of Administrators of English Schools of Quebec.  Ainsley is a contributing author for three publications: The Teacher as Assessment Leader, The Principal as Assessment Leader and The Collaborative Teacher.   He has also contributed a chapter in a new publication with Lead and Learn Press on 21st Century Schooling and Data Teams, as well as Activate: A Leader’s Guide to People, Practices and Processes.

Join us as Ainsley reflects on a lifetime of inspirational one on one encounters, why education is still stuck in a sort of caste system and how great teachers make great leaders.

Ainsley Rose, "Ainsley Rose - On leadership and influence in education", as originally posted on Anchor, 09-05-2021,

Photo by Van Tay Media on Unsplash

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